Adjective Activities Descriptive, Comparative, and Superlative

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Adjective Activities

Need activities to quickly engage your students and to review this key parts of speech concept? Use this adjectives activities pack to teach your students about adjectives that describe and adjectives that can compare.

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This unit is designed to make it easy for you to teach, engage, and assess your students as they learn about adjectives. 

This unit is broken into three separate parts to make planning your adjectives unit a breeze!



  • Teaching Posters- One for adjectives and one for adjectives that compare- hang up these posters during your adjectives study and reference them often!
  • Adjectives Anchor Chart- just print, color, assemble! Laminate for durability. Keep up all year for students to reference.
  • Adjective/Not an Adjective sorting pocket book- Help students understand the difference between adjectives and nouns.
  • Listen Up for Adjectives- tie in literature! As students listen to a story, have them write down some of the adjectives they hear as well as what noun it is describing.
  • Adjectives Gallery Walk- Use this up and moving activity to have your students practice using adjectives. Place gallery posters around the room with different objects. Then, let students rotate through adding adjectives that describe the objects.
  • Adjectives Mystery Bags- Another hands on activity. Place items in mystery bags and have students describe them using adjectives.
  • Comparing Using Adjectives Picture Prompts- Use as a whole group activity by displaying the prompts and having students compare the nouns. Includes recording sheet.
  • Adjectives that Compare Tab-book- help students understand that adjectives can compare nouns with this cut and past tab book!



Quick Prints for Adjectives that describe:

  • Sorting Out Adjectives: quick cut and paste sorting activity that has students sorting adjectives by type of descriptive word.
  • Describe Me! Students use the picture as reference to write down adjectives that describe the picture. Includes two different picture prompts.
  • Friendly Adjectives- Students work to describe their friend. Then, write three sentences about their friend using their adjectives. Includes support and free draw version.


Quick Prints for Adjectives that Compare (Comparatives and Superlatives)

  • Adding -er and -est Tab Book- Students work to add endings to base words to creative adjectives that compare. Then, write a sentence using the word.
  • Adjectives That Compare- Students work to complete the chart by adding -er and -est to base words, then use 3 words in a sentence. Includes primary lines version.
  • Add the Adjective- Students complete this cut and paste activity by completing the sentence using the comparative and superlative adjectives.


Center Games:

  • Describe It! Students match pictures with two different adjectives
  • Let's Compare! Students work to compare the objects on the picture cards. Includes a primary and regular writing lines recording sheet.



Although the quick prints can be used as part of your informal assessment routine, this unit also includes three different formal assessments. Each assessment does include an answer key.


Formal Assessments

  • Adjectives Assessment- Students work to complete sentences using word banks and multiple choice questions to asses their learning about adjectives that describe.
  • Adjectives that Compare- Students work to use comparatives and superlatives to complete sentences.
  • All Adjectives Assessment- An assessment that includes both descriptive adjectives and adjectives that compare.


Adjective Writing

As teachers, we know that just "knowing" about adjectives isn't enough. We need our students to use them in their own writings. This pack also includes a writing activity with two craft options.

  • Amazing Me! Students work through the writing process to complete this expository writing piece about what makes them amazing! Includes primary and regular writing lines and self assessment rubric. Choose from two different craft options for publishing!
    • Craft One: Students create a word cloud of adjectives that describe them.
    • Craft Two: Students use their face as part of their craft option.

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