Word Problems Differentiated: Add, Sub, Multiplication Division Test Prep

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Differentiated Word Problem Task Cards: Spring Themed

Looking for a way to reach all the learners in your classroom? This spring themed word problem pack helps you do just that! This pack features 2nd grade word problems and 3rd-grade word problems perfect for most learners. Differentiated cards allow you or the student to select a "just right" challenge as they work to improve their mathematical thinking. 

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Ways to Use in Your Room

Use these cards in whole group, small group, or as "when I'm done" activity. My students loved grabbing these after completing classwork and completing them with a buddy!


- Use as part of test prep stations
- Use as part of a whole group review
-Put in math stations
-Allow students to select the card they'd like to work on during math rotations
-Use as part of a math journal or math isn (interactive student notebook) 

More Math Fun!

Winter Differenitiated Word Problems

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Skills covered in this pack:

2-digit addition with and without regrouping
3-digit addition with and without regrouping
Column addition
Missing addends
2-digit subtraction with and without regrouping
3-digit subtraction with and without regrouping


No class has students who all learn at the same pace. This set is designed to reach your lowest quartile up through your gifted students. Each set of cards includes beginner, proficient, and challenging levels. They also include an answer key to allow students to easily review their work. There is also 3 different recording sheets so you can customize how many cards students are expected to complete. 

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