Wild Weather Reading Comprehension Mini Lesson for Digital Classrooms

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Reading Comprehension Mini-Lessons: Wild Weather for Digital Classroom


Looking for an easy way to build reading comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency, all while learning more about how kids can help take care of the earth? Then this Reading Comprehension Mini-Lesson Kit is for you!


This lesson kit is designed to be used as part of your online instruction and includes a teacher file and a student.


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Reading Comprehension Mini-Lessons for Digital Classrooms: THE BUNDLE!









Teacher File includes:


  • Directions on how to use in your Google ™ Classroom or upload it into Microsoft 365.


  • 5 Day Lesson Plan suggestions- follow the lesson plan guide or use it as needed in your classroom.


  • Suggestions on how to use as part of other learning routines including small group and science.


  • Answer Keys- includes answer keys for easy grading.




Student File includes:


  • Science Passage-Wild Weather-This nonfiction passage focuses on different types of severe weather and how to stay safe if severe weather is headed their way.
  • Vocabulary Practice- Help build your student’s content vocabulary with this activity page.


  • Quick Questions- These questions help students cover the who, what, where, when, why, and how. Perfect for a quick spot check of comprehension.


  • Reading Strategy- Ask and Answer Questions- Help students develop a deeper understanding of the text with this ask and answer exercise. Students use the "Fat and Skinny" question strategy to write 4 different questions that can be answered from the text.


  • Written Response- Students take their learning forward with this written response activity. Students use the text and the text features to write an opinion piece on what they feel is the most dangerous severe weather and why.


  • Interactive Activity- Sorting Weather- This interactive activity asks students to sort different types of weather.



PLEASE NOTE: due to the nature of this product, you can email this file to parents or upload them to a password-protected classroom. You may not, however, edit or change the file and or sell it for your own personal gain.

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