About The Applicious Teacher

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my little space of the internet! Here’s your chance to get to know a little bit more about the force behind the website: ME! 

First, up my name is Leigh (pronounced: Leeeeee) Langton.

I’m currently out of classroom taking care of our 2nd baby. I reside in sunny central Florida.

Yes… we go to Disney A LOT…

I have 11 years of teaching experience. The majority of my time in the classroom was spent in 2nd grade and 3rd grade, but I have dabbled in teaching grades k-5. But TBH, Second grade is truly where my heart lies! Come on… you know it’s yours too!

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) I am currently in the process of applying to grad school and hope to earn my Masters in Instructional Design and Curriculum. 


My teaching philosophy is plain and simple… hands-on and fun!! I believe that students best learn by not only seeing but also doing. That is why I strive to make my classroom as interactive and hands-on as possible. I love it when kids are learning and they don’t even realize it! I call it “sneak attack” learning.  Thank goodness for Instagram and TeacherspayTeachers. Those two resources alone help keep my classroom exciting and engaging while we attack the curriculum!  :)Oh… and that curriculum. All of our lessons, conversations, and activities are always focused on that curriculum. It is the compass that we set our Applicious Ship by.


Believe it or not, I do have a life outside of the classroom (GASP!!) I am also a wife and a mom.

I’ve been married to the most awesome and supportive husband, Chris, for 13 years.

We welcomed our first baby in 2012. Yes… he is the most adorable thing I have ever seen! I am one P.R.O.U.D mommy!

Now, he’s eight and interested in learning about everything. I love watching him grow and learn everyday.  

In the spring of 2019, we welcomed our rainbow baby, Ellery. I don’t think Nolan has ever been so excited about anything in his life! He literally prayed for her every day! She stole our hearts the moment she arrived!

In addition to sharing teaching ideas with fellow teachers, I also love to run! I have ran  not only a couple of half marathons but I crossed off one of my bucket list items and completed a full marathon (that’s 26.2 miles people!!!) I mean I wanted to die afterward… but I did it! 

I also enjoy shopping (online and in-person) and reading. Like seriously… give me a book and a beach chair and you won’t see me for hours!



So why “The Applicious Teacher”?  Simply put, teaching is a delicious adventure. As teachers, we add our own little spice to the mix while dealing with its constant ups and downs. I like to think I put my own “apple” spin on being in a classroom.  We are all some sort of “Applicious”!

I love inspiring educators just like you! Teaching can be hard, unforgiving, and very rewarding.  But when teachers learn from each other, magic can happen! 

That’s why you’ll find REAL lessons made for REAL teachers. Nothing too over the top or hard to impliment. Just simple, creative, standard’s aligned ideas that you can take to your classroom today. 

Teacher, I hope you find inspiration, ideas, and solace as you browse my little teaching site. It is dedicated to you, my friend!