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Adding to Make Ten Mini Lesson Kit

Adding to Make Ten Mini Lesson Kit

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Working with your students on adding to make ten? This mini kit is just what you need to make teaching this concept a breeze! This mini-lesson kit focuses on how to make 10 when adding while using a tens frame. This activity pack also includes activities for students to practice missing addends when adding to make ten. Making it perfect for beginning math students, math intervention, ESOL, or students who need hands-on learning and visual clues to better understand a concept. 

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What’s in the Pack:“Let’s Make a Ten” Interactive Anchor Chart- print, glue, color and go! Use this chart to help teach the concept of addition to make ten. Includes space for students to show their way to make a ten! 

“Make a Ten” sticky notes template- have students write their answers on this easy place and print sticky note template!

Tens Frame Work Mat-Have students use this tens frame mat to create a hands on approach for practicing the concept. Just add counters, bears, cubes, or mini-erasers. Laminate for durability. 

“Let’s Make a Ten” Game sheets- after discussing the concept as a class, use the game boards as part of practice! Print out sheets and slide into page protectors. Students can use mini-erasers or markers to complete the tens frame, then finish the matching addition sentence. Use again as practice during math centers. Also includes a differentiated Spin-a-Ten board. Students spin a number and fill tens frame, then cover the number needed to make a ten. 

“Let’s Make a Ten” Assessment- assess your students’ understanding of making ten using addition with this assessment worksheet. Students create their own 10’s fact at the end of the sheet. 

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