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2nd Grade Reading Comprehension Assessments

2nd Grade Reading Comprehension Assessments

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Second Grade reading comprehension Tests

Looking for assessments to be used as reading formatives or summatives in your 2nd grade classroom? These reading comprehension passages and questions are perfect for spot checking your student's reading throughout the year. is designed to progress monitor second graders' reading comprehension throughout the year.

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This pack includes 12 highly engaging assessments or reading test. Each assessment is designed to assess multiple reading skills at once. They are leveled and are perfect for testing your 2nd graders!


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Pack Highlights:

►Each test is leveled to guarantee second-grade student readability, with text and question complexity increasing as the year progresses.

► A variety of skills are covered on each assessment as shown in the top right-hand corner of the front page.

►Each assessment includes a variety of multiple choice questions as pulled from Webb's depth of knowledge question scale.

►Each assessment features one written response question that prompts students to answer and cite evidence from the text.

►Question format modeled after PARCC and other high stakes testing.

►A variety of fiction and non-fiction texts to spot check understanding in both Reading Literature and Reading Informational texts.

►Similar formatting for each assessment

►Answer keys are included.

►Every test is classroom tested!


 Use With Your Team! 

When teachers collaborate on lesson plans and assignments, assessments should be common across the grade level.

These reading tests make it super easy for your team to administer common assessments across the grade level!

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Tests in this bundle:

Quarter 1 Assessments:

1.1-The Missing Crayon-Fiction

Skills covered: Ask and answer questions

Context clues


Story elements

Problem and solution

Character Actions


1.2- Amazing Ants-Non-Fiction

Skills covered: Ask and answer questions

Context clues

Multiple meaning words

Text features

Compare and Contrast


1.3- A Special Gift

Skills covered: Ask and answer questions

Context clues

Compare and contrast


Multiple meaning words

Character reactions


Quarter 2 Assessments:

2.1-The Tortoise and the Hare-Fable

Skills covered: recount fables/folktales

determine theme/message

shades of meaning

compound words

context clues

using pictures to infer


2.2-Wild Weather-Informational Text

Skills covered: -Main idea, supporting details

-Author’s purpose

-text features

-Shades of meaning

-compound words

-context clues


2.3-Rocks Rock!-Informational Text

Skills covered: -Main idea, supporting details

- author's purpose

-content specific vocabulary

-describe scientific process

-multiple meaning words

-Text Features


3rd Quarter Assessments:

3.1-Presidential Money: First's President's Money and Dollars and

Cents for Abe-Informational Text

Skills covered: -Main idea and details

-Using Text Features

-Context Clues

-Using search tools

-compare and contrast two texts on similar topic


3.2- Predators of the Deep-Informational Text

Skills covered: -Main idea and details

-Using Text Features

-Context Clues


-content specifc vocabulary

-Author's Purpose


3.3-Elliot's Nose-Fantasy

Skills covered: -Central message

- Sequencing

- Point of View

-Ask and Answer Questions

-Using illustrations to infer



4th Quarter Assessments

4.1- How Ladybug Got His Spots and All About Ladybugs- Fable and Non-fiction

Skills covered: -Ask and answer questions


-Central message (moral)



-Point of View

-Context Clues

-Author's purpose

-Text features


4.2- Basketball Buddies- Realistic Fiction

Skills covered: -Ask and Answer questions

-Sequencing a story

-Story elements

-Character actions (cause and effect)

- Illustrations

-Point of View

-Context Clues


4.3- Marie Curie-Informational Text

Skills covered: -Ask and Answer Questions

-Text features

-Main idea and details

-Author's Purpose

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