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Arctic Animal Research Mini-book Beginning Research

Arctic Animal Research Mini-book Beginning Research

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Arctic Animal Research Project and Mini-book


Are your students obsessed with learning about animals? Bring that love of animals to the classroom with this Arctic Animal Research project! This mini-book project is perfect for younger students (1st through 3rd grade!) who are just learning how to conduct research!


This pack includes everything you need to complete an Arctic Animal research project in your classroom or at home. Students are guided from beginning to end with this Arctic Animal project pack! After conducting their research on Arctic Animals, students use their information to make a paper bag mini-book.

About Beginning Research Projects:

Guiding students to complete a research project can be tricky, but with Beginning Research Projects, it doesn't have to be! Designed to be completed by younger students, this pack makes conducting research a much simpler and student-friendly process!


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This Pack Includes:


  • Research Tips- Includes research teaching tips to help you guide your students through the research process as painlessly as possible.
  • Research Suggestions- Includes links to books, videos, and website suggestions that are student-friendly and a good place to start having students find information on their chosen Arctic Animal.
  • Arctic Animals Assignment- Perfect place to start your project! Includes an activity sheet that introduces students to the project. Black and white version included that can be sent home.
  • Scaffolded Notes taking sheet- Helps beginning researchers zero in on information to write down.
  • Mini-book Project rubric- Clearly outlines what students should include in their research mini-book. Includes an area for teachers to score and grade.
  • Mini-book Labels- After conducting their research, students fill out the mini-book pages. Includes assembly directions.
  • 12 Information Cards about the following Arctic Animals:


Arctic Fox, Polar Bear, Ermine, Arctic Wolf, Beluga Whale, Arctic Hare, Harp
Seal, Snowshoe Hare, Narwhal, Puffin, Snowy Owl, Caribou.


Each card is written in student-friendly wording. Each card includes
information on where these animals live, what they eat, and what they look
like. They also include a photograph of each animal. Use in connection with
the suggested online research material as a way to build a robust amount of
information for the mini-book Project.

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