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Arrays Activities Teaching Array Lesson Plans

Arrays Activities Teaching Array Lesson Plans

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Rays of Arrays: An Introduction Unit

A Pack dedicated to array Activities and teaching arrays activities. Using and building arrays is a foundational skill that helps set students up for success for multiplication and division. Build that foundation with this teaching arrays unit. This arrays lesson plan pack has been created to build a strong understanding of arrays and their purpose in math. This unit is designed to work from the most simple concepts to the more complex, building each day. Perfect for 2nd or 3rd grade! 

This 10 day unit starts in the concrete and focuses on students building and manipulating their own arrays. As students move through the unit, the shift then goes to the pictorial representations, then to abstract. Students have a full understanding of arrays once they start finding arrays within arrays. This is the perfect introduction to multiplication and division. 

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Here’s a peek at what’s in this unit!

*Resources for Arrays- Links to books, manipulatives, and other resources to support your array’s unit. 

*Rays of Arrays PowerPoint Presentation- a 30 slide PowerPoint to help you teach about arrays. 

*Array Lesson Plans- a 10 day lesson plan that outlines how to use each of the components in this unit day by day. Includes suggestions for informal and formal assessments.

*Array Reference Poster- display and refer to this poster through out your unit. 

*Water Balloon Arrays- a visual game to help students understand how arrays help mathematician count up groups quickly. Can later be used as a math center for practice throughout the unit. 

*Rainbow Arrays- a hands-on building arrays activity using Skittles! Use as a center later. 

*Roll an Array- a hands on game for helping students build arrays. Can be used as a center. 

*Spin an Array- a 3 level differentiated array building activity. Designed to help you meet the needs of all the learners in your classroom. Use later as a center. 

*Array Match Up- an equation and array hands on match up game. Cut the pieces in half using unique designs for an easier version, or cut them straight for more of a challenge. Whole group and small group options. 

*Array ISN pages- use these pages to help students create references pages in their Math Interactive Notebooks. Includes pages for key vocabulary and solving word problems using arrays. 

*Array Match Up- a fun and low prep cut and paste array and equation matching printable. Perfect for easy informal assessment.

*Draw an Array- A print and go sheet where students draw an array to match the equation. Great for assessment. 

*Array Word Problems- Use as a summative formal assessment for arrays. Includes some multi-step word problems involving arrays


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