Close Reading All Year BUNDLE

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Close Reading All Year: The Growing Bundle 

If you LOVE my Close Reading Packs then, you’ll love this year long growing bundle! 

Close reading in the primary classroom can be challenging. From what stories to pull, or how to create a meaningful routine, to making a reading routine that is engaging and full of learning can be difficult. Streamline your planning process with this YEAR LONG GROWING BUNDLE

Check out this video about using a Close Reading Routine in a Primary Classroom

Close Reading All Year is designed to bring quality literature to your classroom through a meaningful close reading routine. Each monthly pack focuses on a season perfect book for your students to engage with. From asking questions to understanding the author’s craft, and making some fun art along the way, these activities are anything but boring! 

See a unit in action!

>>>Cranky Monster Close Reading!<<<


Each Unit Includes:

Lesson Plans- A five-day outline with suggestions of ideas for a close reading routine of the book and complimentary daily writing activities. 

Questions Cards- After reading the book, use these question cards to check for basic understanding of the text. Questions range from level 1-3 on Webb’s Depth of Knowledge scale. 

Vocabulary Skills Focus- Students learn more about the vocabulary in the text and a strategy to help them apply the strategy to future texts. No memorization of words here! I’ve pulled the key vocabulary for you, but made learning and understand those words meaningful through strategies. 

Some vocabulary strategies included:

shades of meaning
prefix and suffix
context clues
root words
word parts
compound words
and so much more! 

Responding to Text-Writing and reading are so important in a close reading routine. This pack makes connecting writing to reading easy. 

Writing Projects- Each unit also includes writing prompts based on the book and one general writing paper. Includes self-checking rubrics for easy grading. 

Author’s Craft- help your students develop a deeper understanding of the why and how authors’ write through a deeper look at their works. Each pack includes activities to help students better understand the author’s purpose in writing the story. 

Skill focus- Each weekly pack also includes a weekly skill focus for the story. Skills include: Author’s Purpose, Main Idea and details, Inference, Illustrations, Character Actions, Cause and Effect, Story Elements, Text structure, and so much more! 

Craft/Art Project- Keep your students engaged with a related craft or art project. Use to decorate your student’s writing or as a way to better understand the illustrations. 

Growing Bundle Books and Timeline:

August-First Day Jitters: Close Reading Activities

September-Johnny Appleseed: Close Reading Activities

October-Crankenstien- I'm a Cranky Monster: Close Reading with Crankenstein

November-Turk and Runt-Turkey Problems: Close Reading with Turk and Runt

December- Olive, the Other Reindeer-Olive: The Other Reindeer: Close Reading Activities

January- Snowflake Bentley-Snowflake Bentley: Close Reading Activities

February- Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch- Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch: Close Reading Activities

March- From Seeds to Plants From Seeds to Plants Close Reading Activities

April- Super Storms- Super Storms Close Reading Activities

May-Those Shoes-*Coming Soon* Available April