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Data Charting- Using Your Classroom Data Like a Boss

Data Charting- Using Your Classroom Data Like a Boss

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Data Charting- Using Data Like a Boss

Data is the four letter word of the teaching community. I hate that it's gotten to that, but teachers are begging to be more than just their data. Follow this video to see how I unlock the secrets of my classroom data with a process called "Data Charting" and how this process can change the way you (and your team) Feel about data!

Video Duration: 30:19


Keep All That Data (and Yourself!) Organized!

The Teacher's Everything Binder Bundle

Curriculum and Data Binder Bundle

In this video I share:

-What types of data to use for this process
-Why everyone on your team should be using this process
-Where to begin
-Step-by-step instruction for how Data Charting Works
- Suggestions for bringing this to your team
-A free data charting sheet to get you started!

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