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Halloween Activities Reading and Writing

Halloween Activities Reading and Writing

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Halloween Reading and Writing Activities!

This pack contains 7 fun and engaging activities to help keep your kids focused and on task during the Halloween season! They are a perfect addition to your reading centers, small group time, and to add some fun to your whole group reading and writing time!

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What's in this Pack:

  • Last House on the Left- students use the picture cards to infer which Halloween monster lives in the house. Students use evidence to support their answers.
  • Halloween Sticker Stories- Use those fun spooky stickers for a fun interactive writing activity. Students are challenged to write a story and use stickers to replace some of the words, Just like emojis! Includes primary and regular writing lines.
  • Candy Corn Contractions- students match the candy corn puzzle to make a contraction. Includes recording sheet.
  • Spider Word Sort- students sort adjectives and verbs that describe spiders onto the correct web. Includes recording sheet.
  • My Skeleton Holds Me Up- an engaging expository writing activity where students explain why our skeleton is so important. Use as a science connection. Students make a "reveal" craft to go with it!
  • How to Go Trick or Treating- it's always important to practice safe trick or treating, students write to explain how to go trick or treating and publish on a fun candy corn shaped step book.
  • How to Carve a Pumpkin- Carving a pumpkin is fun Halloween tradition! After brainstorming the steps, students write how to carve a pumpkin, then design their own Jack-O-Latern face on a fun craft!

ELA Skills covered:

  • Contractions-
  • Adjectives and Verbs
  • Inferring {and sighting specific evidence}
  • Expository Writing-Informational Writing


  • Candy Corn
  • Monster Houses
  • Spiders
  • Pumpkins and jack-o-laterns
  • Skeletons
  • Tick-or-Treating
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