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Olive the Other Reindeer Beyond the Text Activities

Olive the Other Reindeer Beyond the Text Activities

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Olive the Other Reindeer Reading Activities Beyond the Text Unit


Do you love sharing the misguided tale of, "Olive the Other Reindeer" with your kiddos during the holiday season? Then, they'll love this fun Olive the Other Reindeer Reading Unit! and you'll adore the academic focus this unit has!


This unit is packed with a week's worth (or more!) of Olive the Other Reindeer activities that are perfect for sprinkling in the fun while building your students' reading comprehension this holiday season! All while saving you so much time!



What's included:


  • Reindeer Lesson Plans- A five-day outline with suggestions of ideas for a close reading routine of the book and daily writing.


  • Digital Student Activities- Includes a link to the digital student activities for this unit. Makes planning for in-person or online instruction a breeze!


  • Directions on how to assign and use digital student activities


  • Question Cards- After reading the book, use these question cards to check for basic understanding of the text. Questions range from level 1-3 on Webb’s Depth of Knowledge scale.


  • Reindeer Retell sheet- Students work to retell the story in their own words.


  • Reindeer Helper sheet- Students identify how Olive used her talents as a dog to help save Christmas.


  • Onomatopeia Reference Poster- help build your students' vocabulary with this poster, use as part of a mini-lesson on how and why authors use sound words.


  • Sound Words- As students reread the text, they note the author’s use of onomatopoeias and discuss how it helps tell the story.


  • Sound Words – Students learn about how authors use sound words to enhance their writing. Students look for examples of sound words as they read the story.


  • Sound Words Cards and Activity- Students choose one onomatopoeia and write a sentence using the word. Then, students illustrate their sentences.


  • Reindeer Puppy- students write how Olive was able to help Santa save Christmas.


  • I’m a Santa’s Helper- Students write about their talents and how they could be a Santa’s Helper.


  • Santa’s Reindeer?- Students choose a different animal that could be one of Santa’s reindeer and explain why that animal is a good option. Includes illustration paper.


  • Olive the Other Reindeer- General writing paper.


  • Reindeer Puppy Craft- fun Olive craft to decorate your student’s writing.


  • Antler’s headband- print off antlers and glue onto sentence strips. Now your kiddos are declared honorary reindeer just like Olive!
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