Olive the Other Reindeer Close Reading Activities

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Do you love sharing the misguided tale of, "Olive the Other Reindeer" with your kiddos during the holiday season? Then, they'll love this fun English/Language Arts close reading unit! You'll adore the academic focus this unit has! This unit is packed with a week's worth (or more!) of Olive the Other Reindeer activities.

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What's included:

  • Reindeer Lesson Plans- A five day outline with suggestions of ideas for a close reading routine of the book and daily writing.
  • Reindeer Questions- After reading the book, use these question cards to check for basic understanding of the text. Questions range from level 1-3 on Webb’s Depth of Knowledge scale.
  • Reindeer Retell- Students work to retell the story in their own words.
  • Reindeer Helper- Students identify how Olive used her talents as a dog to help save Christmas.
  • Sound Words- As students reread the text, they note the author’s use of onomatopoeias and discuss how it helps tell the story.
  • Sound Words – Students learn about how authors use sound words to enhance their writing. Students look for examples of sound words as they read the story.
  • Sound Words Cards and Activity- Students choose one onomatopoeia and write a sentence using the word. Then, students illustrate their sentence.
  • Reindeer Puppy- students write how Olive was able to help Santa save Christmas.
  • I’m a Santa’s Helper- Students write about their talents and how they could be a Santa’s Helper.
  • Santa’s Reindeer?- Students choose a different animal that could be one of Santa’s reindeer and explain why that animal is a good option. Includes illustration paper.
  • Olive the Other Reindeer- General writing paper.
  • Reindeer Puppy Craft- fun Olive craft to decorate your student’s writing.
  • Antler’s headband- print off antlers and glue onto sentence strips. Now your kiddos are declared honorary reindeer just like Olive!

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