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Prefixes Activities for Un Pre Re Dis

Prefixes Activities for Un Pre Re Dis

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Prefix activities for Un, Pre, Re, and Dis-

This unit was designed to help teach, engage, and assess students on the four basic prefixes: un-, pre-, re, dis. This pack is sectioned into three parts to help you guide your students through a word study!

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This section contains all the materials you’ll need to introduce your students to prefixes. Here’s what this section contains:


  • Reference posters: prefix, un, pre, re, dis- clean and easy to read so you can refer to them through out your study.
  • Prefix tab book- quick fold and cut for students to help process the information.
  • Prefix Interactive Notebook pages. A great way to have students interact with the information and can be used as reference for students through out your study.
  • Prefix reference sheet. Print and laminate this to use as a reference throughout your study.


This section focuses on allowing your students to practice using, creating, and understanding prefixes through games and activities.

  • I Have…Who Has…- Print out these cards on fun bright paper and you’ll have a game I promise your kids will ask to play again and again. All cards are numbered so you’ll never wonder who’s turn is next or if you have all the cards back! For an added challenge time your students as they play! See if you can beat your previous time each time they play.
  • Prefix Bingo- this prefix twist on a classic challenges your students to create new words using the prefix bingo cards. Two options to play make it prefect for a whole group challenge game, or a small group center. Includes answer key so students can check their word choices for accuracy!
  • Real or Impostor- as students learn about prefixes, they’ll want to put them on everything! Help students understand that not all prefixes go on all words with this sorting game. Play as a whole group first, then work it into your center routine for fun practice. Your students will love spotting the word imposters!
  • Prefix Match-up- Print, cut, and laminate the pieces to this memory style prefix game. Students work to match up a prefix to a base word. If they make a word, students get to keep the pair. Perfect for small group instruction.
  • Roll a Prefix- create word dice using paper and roll your way to a fun and easy low prep center. You can play with our without the recording sheet.


Now that students have had a chance to engage and practice using prefixes, it’s time to assess! These printables are designed to be used as formative and summative assessments.


  • Prefix Hunt- Students know what a word looks like with a prefixes, now see if they can identify them in text. Use this simple print and go recording sheet with any text. Can be used as a practice activity with a buddy, an independent center, or as a formative or informal assessment.
  • Prefix Spinner Games- Use a paperclip and a pencil to play these color as we go games. Use in a center as simple practice or as independent work for a formative assessment.
  • Prefix Practice-Have students practice writing and manipulating words by adding prefixes. These two pages are sectioned into Un and pre and Dis and re.
  • Prefix Cut and Paste- simple cut and paste activities to help students understand how to manipulate the base words to create new words. Perfect for those approaching learners.
  • Prefixes- Print and go sheet can be used as a formative assessment to check for understanding of all four prefixes.
  • Prefix Up- Cut and paste sheet that checks for understanding of using all four prefixes.
  • Prefix Assessment- You’ve finished your study, not its your students chance to shine. Use this testing style assessment to check for mastery of all four prefixes. The assessment gets progressively harder. For early to mid second grade, I suggest using only the front of the assessment. Take as a summative or formal assessment.
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