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Seed Plant Life Cycle Activities

Seed Plant Life Cycle Activities

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Seeds and Plant Life Cycle Unit

Let's get ready to plant some seeds! This thematic unit is a great addition to any plant life cycle or seed unit and includes over 10 plant and seed activities! 

Total Pages: 68
File Size: 23 MB

Here's what's inside:

-Resource Page- Resource suggestions and links to books, diagrams, and video to enhance your teaching!

-Will it Grow?-Plant/seed experiment-Use inquiry-based learning to get your students engaged in the unit! This activity guides students through the scientific method to discover if seeds can grow without soil. 

Experiment Option 2- How do seeds respond to different stimuli? (Gravity, light, and dark) 

-My Seed Journal- An interactive journal for students to record their data from their seed experiment. Also includes a seed dissection activity and diagram.

-Traveling Seeds- An idea page to illustrate bringing "how seeds travel" to life in your classroom. 

-My Seed Adventure- students write about an adventure their seed would have as they travel for their own special place to grow. 
Includes brainstorm, writing pages, and illustration page.

-The Great Seed Mix-Up! – Students make inferences to match seeds with clues to seed packets. 

-Flower Power Diagram- students label and color the parts of a flower to create a diagram. Also includes a blank sheet for students to create their own plant part diagram.

-Plant Parts and Their Function Matchbook- students glue the different functions of each part of the plant into the matchbook. 

-Plant and Seed Vocabulary- use these vocabulary pages to help teach keywords. 

-Sproutin’ Words- A three-way to play “read the room” game. Students use the activity sheets to sort the plant themed words. (Can, have, need, ABC order, noun and verbs) 

-What a Plant Wants- Use this activity as a whole group activity or at a center. Students identify the items into what plants need to grow and survive. Includes 2 different recording sheets. 

-How Plants Respond Tab book (Light, Heat, Gravity)


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