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Teeth Activities Dental Health Unit

Teeth Activities Dental Health Unit

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Teeth activities Ready to engage your students with a fun thematic unit that encompasses reading, writing, math, science, and social studies standards? This dental health unit is perfect for students in grades k through 2nd and includes TONS of cross-curricular activities that encourage your students to explore and learn more about teeth!

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What's Included in this unit

-Suggested Resources page with links to videos, books, and ideas to help you complete your Tooth thematic unit

-Tooth Survey- start your unit off with this poll of your student’s experiences with teeth- includes 2 options

-Lost Tooth Subtraction- make a mouth out of mini marshmallows and have students count how many teeth they’ve lost! Includes an easier and harder option

-Tooth Care book- Learn all about taking care of your teeth, then create this easy shape book

-Tooth Diagram- learn more about how teeth are some of the strongest things in your body with this diagram

-Teeth BFF’s- Use this fun poem and craft to learn about how teeth have a toothbrush BFF! Students practice rhyming words while they learn the poem

-Teeth Traditions Around the World- Read one of my favorite books about how other cultures handle losing teeth. Then, have students share their traditions. Take it a step further with group expository writing by sequencing the steps of losing a tooth in North America. Includes cut and paste and two writing sheets.

-Tooth Fairy Rhyming- Students help the tooth fairy collect the write teeth by identifying the rhyming and non-rhyming word pairs. Includes worksheet.

-Let’s Be a Dentist- Engage your students with this classroom mini makeover! Allow your students to dress up as dentists. Includes pieces to make a light head band and doctor name tag. Also includes suggested items to take your classroom mini makeover to the next level!

-Whose Teeth?- Humans aren’t the only ones with teeth. Read about how animals use their teeth and how the shapes of the their teeth help with their everyday lives. Then, have students infer which teeth match which animal by using the information on the Teeth Cards. Add an extra layer with fake animal teeth or use the picture cards provided.

-Tooth Quick Prints- Includes 2 quick prints to learn and assess what students have have learned about teeth.

-Tooth Care Cut and paste

-Healthy teeth tools

-Tooth Color By Code- sight word practice

-Dental School Success Certificate- Use at the end of the week to congratulate students for successfully completely dental school. Print out one certificate for each student.

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