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Third Grade Training Camp End of Year Review for 2nd Grade

Third Grade Training Camp End of Year Review for 2nd Grade

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Third Grade Training Camp: End of Year Unit for 2nd Grade

Amp up the last weeks of school with this fun end of the year activity! Want to make sure your second graders are ready for third grade? Or maybe you're wanting to prep your newly minted third graders for their upcoming year? Then send your students to Third Grade Training Camp!

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Skills Covered


Reading stamina
Reading fluency 
Reading text and answer questions.
Using complete sentences to answer questions.
Putting the question in the answer.
Writing a story, essay, or poem with complete thoughts. 


Knows basic facts up to 20.
Can add or subtract up to 3 digit numbers using a variety of strategies. 
Can solve multi-step word problems.


Knows how to solve conflict using their words.
Can work collaboratively to problem solve.
Can work with 2-4 other students to create. 

What This Unit Includes

For the Teacher

-Lesson Plan suggestions for 1 week or 2 weeks of activities
-Classroom decor and decor ideas for transforming your classroom into a Campsite!
-Book/Resource suggestions- use these books, videos, and other resources to complement your unit of study. 

For the Students

-Third Grade Training Camp packet- complete with activities for your students to prove they're ready for third grade
-Hands on Games- use these hands-on games to practice those ever important skills needed for third grade
-Crafts- Engage your students with these fun and easy camping crafts
-Fluency activities- build your student's reading fluency with these activities
-Answering Questions- train your students how to use part of the question in their answer as well as evidence from the text. Includes activities and practice sheets. 
-Math task cards- use as part of the board games or as a read the room activity. 

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