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Those Shoes Reading Activities Beyond the Text

Those Shoes Reading Activities Beyond the Text

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Those Shoes: Reading Unit for Those Shoes- Have you read the amazing and warm-hearted story Those Shoes by Mary Boelts? This reading activities pack is the perfect way to introduce this amazing book. You and your students will love this Those Shoes Reading unit!


This week-long unit is packed with reading comprehension activities, crafts, responding to literature writing, vocabulary, quick prints, and soooo much more! They’ll love the fun and you'll love the academic focus this unit has!




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Ready to have your students fall in love with books by following a meaningful and deep reading routine ALL YEAR?


Close Reading All Year Growing Bundle




What's Included:


  • Lesson Plans- A five-day lesson plan outline with suggestions of ideas for a close reading routine of the book and daily writing. 
  • Question Cards- After reading the book, use these question cards to check for basic understanding of the text. Questions range from levels 1-3 on Webb’s Depth of Knowledge scale. 
  • Shoe Story Elements- Students work to identify the text's story elements, including the characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end.


  • Shoe character actions-Students use the text to understand how the main character changes from the beginning of the story to the end.  
  • Shoe Theme- Students work to better understand the theme of by using clues from the story. Includes option with a supported answer and one without.  
  • Question Marks Reference poster- Help students understand how quotation marks are used in a text to showcase dialogue.


  • Quotation marks Cut and Paste- students read sentences and glue quotation marks around the dialogue.


  • Quotation Marks Printables- students practice adding quotation marks around dialogue and quoted text.


  • Quotation Marks Hands-on- Students read the sentence cards then use macaroni to build quotation marks around the dialogue and quoted text.


  • Shoes Writing- students work on one of four writing prompts. Each prompt includes a self-checking rubric.


  • Shoe Craft- students choose their shoe printout and decorate it how they like. Then, use it to publish their writings.


See a Close Reading Unit in action!


>>>Cranky Monster Close Reading!<<<



◼️ Click here to view a Video about this unit and all my other Close Reading Units!

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