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Weekly Phonics Activities Homework for 2nd Grade (Weeks 31-36)

Weekly Phonics Activities Homework for 2nd Grade (Weeks 31-36)

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Looking for a real world approach to phonics homework that does not involve rote memorization of spelling patterns? This homework pack is designed to provide daily practice of second grade phonics patterns. Students complete 4 out of the 8 activities available for the week and return to the teacher on Friday. 

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Phonics Patterns covered in this pack:

Week 31- ge endings
Week 32-r controlled (ar, are, air)
Week 33- r controlled (er, eer, ere, ear)
Week 34-r controlled (or, ore, oar)
Week 35-r controlled (ire, ier, ure)
Week 36- Review of all phonics patterns

*paces well with the 2nd grade Macmillan Treasures Reading Series*

Also included in this pack is a general phonics pattern homework menu and 2 bonus reading logs. 

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