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Weekly Phonics Activities Homework for 2nd Grade {Weeks 7-12}

Weekly Phonics Activities Homework for 2nd Grade {Weeks 7-12}

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This is the second set of phonics homework menus. I've updated the menu and included some different activities for your students to explore!

Use this homework pack to provide daily at home practice for second grade appropriate phonics patterns. Each week has a new pattern focus. The phonics patterns build on the previous week’s skill. The last week is a review of all the phonics patterns covered from the previous week. Each homework menu has 8 activities for students to choose from for each night’s practice. Students return the menu sheet and any related papers to the teacher on Friday. There is a place for parent acknowledgement.

Phonics Patterns Covered in this Pack:

Week 7- short u, long u
Week 8- blends sl, dr, sk, st, sp
Week 9- long a (ai and ay)
Week 10- long i (igh, i, y, ie)
Week 11- long o (ow, oa, o, oe)
Week 12- Review of all phonics patterns
General Phonics Activity Menu
*Bonus* 2 Nightly Reading Logs

Check out weeks 1-6 here!
*Paces well with the Macmillan Treasures Reading Series for 2nd grade* 
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